Life and business coaching.

Sometimes there are so many waves that you can hardly see the water. I help you find clarity, so that you can sail through life with strength and ease.

My Books


Inspiration for a rich life

Do you want to be happy?

Content, alive, passionate – simply happy?

You don’t have to leave your happiness to chance. It grows when you shape your life in a good way. This Microbook offers inspiration for attitudes and actions that will make you happier. It can be used as inspiration for your personal path to happiness or for conversations with friends, your partner or groups.

For everyone who wants to be happy.

Available as ebook for Kindle.

Coaching Basics

Guiding People and Helping Them Advance

This Quadro introduces you to the basics of coaching. It explains the attitudes that make coaching successful and describes the most important techniques of asking questions and coaching methods.

It is suitable for people, who want to start with coaching as well as for experienced coaches, who want to revive their knowledge.

Available as ebook for Kindle.

The Power of Blessing: Receiving and giving power for life (Quadro Book 40)

“I will bless you… and you will be a blessing to others.” – God to Abraham

People proclaim blessing over others all the time – through words and gestures. People long for blessing, because blessing has power to strengthen and change life. This quadro shows what blessing is and what it does through the Bible and concrete examples. In addition, it explains and shows how you can receive blessing and pass it along to others.

Available as ebook for Kindle.

Learning to forgive

The Art of a Life of Inner Freedom

Forgiveness is an effective tool to deal with suffered injustice. This “Quadro” shows why forgiveness is worth the effort, which attitudes may help to forgive and what practical steps can be taken to make forgiveness happen.

Ideal for everyone who wants to let go of suffered offenses and achieve inner freedom.

Available as ebook for Kindle and as pamphlet.

Saying Yes to Myself

Accepting and Treating Myself Well

You are unique and wonderful. But perhaps it is sometimes difficult for you to say “yes” to yourself, because you also see your limits and weaknesses. In this book, you will discover what makes up healthy self-esteem and how you can move step-by-step to more self-acceptance and find enjoyment in yourself.

Available as ebook for Kindle.

How to Get the most out of Life

An Innovative Toolkit for Doing Life Well

‘My life is actually going well but somehow my joy in life is gone’ If this is something that you sometimes think or say, then this is the book for you. It explains which attitudes and actions lead to joy. It provides inspiration for rediscovering happiness again.

Available as ebook for Kindle.

The Father’s Love

Experience the Love of God

Do you long to feel the love of God? Not only to theoretically know God loves you but to really believe it? This Quadro will help you to experience God’s love in a deeper way, and to live with God as your friend.

Ideal for everyone who would like to experience the Father’s love.

Available as ebook for Kindle and as pamphlet:

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